Why Would Anyone Want the DirecTiVo?

This post refers to engadget.com

Richard Lawler:

A couple of months after making its long (really long) awaited appearance in “select markets” the DirecTiVo is now officially available nationwide. Die-hard fans of the combo of peanut remote and satellite TV finally have a crack at the box for the same $199 up front price tag, plus attached service fee, HD access fee and DVR fee. This also means foregoing things like 3D, multiroom support, Premiere UI and live streaming iPad apps, but that’s part of the deal for the TiVo HD DVR from DirecTV.

So this is a DirecTV receiver that can’t do most of the cool stuff the other DirecTV receivers can and it comes with an extra TiVo service fee? We had TiVo back in the day, when it was essentially the only game in town. I can’t imagine preferring the experience so much as to pay another fee to have that over the stock receiver with all of those extra features.