Defending Ken Harrelson

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U-God tries to defend Ken Harrelson:

I always found it a bit odd that people expect an announcer to remain impartial. This isn’t football. The announcers aren’t randomly sent from city to city every week. Hawk is signed on to announce 162 games a year. He’s been announcing games for the same team since 1982. 1982! I would be amazed if he had somehow remained wholly impartial. I like to think the announcer actually cares about the team like I do.

My defense of Hawk is not that he is a homer, it’s that he’s just not good. I said it when I referenced this story the first time, I find him annoying. I hate that he is constantly telling stories when he played, and how he always seems to reference players from past generations instead of current ones. I want more insight into what is happening now, not what happened in the 70s.