Federico Viticci’s iOS 6 Wishes

This post refers to macstories.net

Federico Viticci goes all out with a wish list for iOS 6. He has a couple of unique ones like this:

Per-contact read iMessage status: You know the option to let other iMessage users see you’ve read a text? I’d like this option to gain a power-user feature so I can selectively choose which contacts know I read their messages, and which don’t. With iMessage increasingly becoming a full-featured chat app, I suppose it’s not an uncommon request to think I’d like my parents to know I’ve read their texts, and let others wonder.

That would be nice. He has a few he mentions kind of quick, and several, like a full-on home screen redesign and Notification Center changes that he elaborates on.

I keep waiting for Apple to do something drastic, but that just doesn’t seem like their style. OS X 10.7 looks a lot different than 10.4, but it’s been subtle changes over time. Like Federico though, I would like to seem a dramatic change to multitasking and the home screen. It seems like there is an opportunity there.