Gatekeeper Is Not The Problem, Sandboxing Is

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Richard Gaywood:

Some developers, seeing the sandbox writing on the wall, are being forced into difficult decisions regarding their App Store offerings. Manton Reece of Riverfold Software has announced that his ClipStart video library tool will be withdrawn from the App Store altogether because of incompatibility with sandboxing.

This is particularly troublesome for users who have already bought the App Store version of his app; Reece cannot easily identify them to give them an upgrade to a non-App Store version, nor can he offer them new versions of the app within the App Store’s framework.

Gaywood’s article focuses mostly on the theory that Gatekeeper is not the first step towards and App Store-only ecosystem. But those in the know have been focusing on the impending sandboxing regulations instead.

I was always hesitant to buy apps in the App Store that were available elsewhere, and now more than I ever I regret it. Apps like Transmit, 1Password, Alfred, Moom and others could stop working, and that worries me.