HBO Go Coming to Xbox 360 on April 1st

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Michael Gorman:

Tonight at an HBO event in San Francisco, company Co-President, Eric Kessler, gave us the good news that Microsoft’s console will be getting the streaming service on April 1st. It’ll make its debut alongside the premiere of season two of Game of Thrones, so you’ll finally be able to jump straight from the hills of Tamriel to the fields of Winterfell with the greatest of ease.

Most people want to dwell on the fact that you still need a subscription to watch HBO Go, and that’s true. But for those people who do, there are still benefits. The need to have tons of cable boxes in every room is becoming less and less. I really do believe that HBO is moving towards a paid model outside of the cable providers, but I suspect we are still a few years away and when it happens, it won’t be as cheap as people think it will.