Is the New iPad Worth Upgrading To?

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Marco Arment:

Should I get an iPad 3 if I already have an iPad 1 or 2?

If you’re looking to justify an upgrade, the Retina screen alone is going to be a huge improvement for the tasks that people do most on iPads: reading and web browsing. It’s also going to be very significant if you like viewing photos on your iPad.

Marco is a brilliant guy, but I think there needs to be more qualifying statements than that. I know how amazing the retina display is, but I don’t think paying $500 a year later just because of the display is a fair statement.

I don’t use my iPad everyday, and when I do it’s not for that long. I don’t see a scenario where I am going to spend (at least) another $500 this soon just for that.

I do agree that if you have an iPad 1 or have been holding out, now is the time to buy though.