Just Because OS X Does It Doesn’t Mean iOS Should

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MG Siegler:

Android and iOS are operating systems that run on computers. Granted, these computers are smaller than the ones you grew up with, but they’re still computers. And guess what? In many ways, they work like computers have in past — including the ability of accessing your other files. It’s a feature, not a bug.

Siegler is referring to the backlash that iOS apps had access to photos and address books without warning the user. He argues that non-mobile OSes have always had access to anything they wanted, and thus, this isn’t a new thing.

I agree that it’s not a new thing, but it’s the illusion that Apple created that was the problem. iOS is locked down. I can’t access any file anywhere like I can on OS X. I can’t move data from one app to another unless they have explicitly enabled that. If that is going to be the policy, and apps are going to be so stringently reviewed, my assumption is that they can’t freely access whatever they want.

It’s unfair to compare OS X and iOS on this issue of file access when they are so different in every other regard to the same.