Las Vegas’ O’Shea’s Shutting Down

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Bill Barnwell:

The tagline for the MGM Grand was recently “Maximum Vegas”; O’Shea’s was and is Minimum Vegas, a half-assed version of what you can find in much better shape everywhere else in the city in one big room. There are cheap outlets selling $3 T-shirts and $10 handbags, a food court featuring exotic dining options like Burger King, and small pits with slots and a limited selection of table games. It eventually developed a small niche by becoming the first casino (to my knowledge) where you could actually play beer pong on the casino floor.

I have only been to Vegas twice, but I do remember logging time on O’Shea’s on the 2nd trip. I actually think I had a mad craps run there where some guy tipped me like $50 after I finished shooting a mad run. It was classic ’90s Vegas, the “cheap, hole-in-the-wall” place. It doesn’t make sense to keep it around now that Vegas is a different place, but I doubt I’ll ever forget it.