Microsoft Flight (Simulator) Goes Free

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Daniel Cooper:

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator has long prodded gamers to splash out on hardware upgrades and insane joysticks. Like Madonna, it’s reinvented itself for the 21st century as a single-named free-to-play game for those who want to zoom around the skies of Hawaii. The company will make its money by selling premium add-ons including new aircraft and “adventure packs.” The game is now ready for download (at the source link) and, if it proves popular, Redmond should expect a nice gift basket from AMD and NVIDIA this Christmas.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was always a niche game, but my dad loved it. As a kid I always remember him, and eventually me, playing it. I saw the evolution from colored polygons, to textured bitmaps to full-on 3D renderings. It’s pretty cool they are making the game free to play, but I don’t know how much will be included out of the box.