Pierzynski Delusional About Slowing Down the Running Game

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Jim Margalus:

“We have the ability to be very good at [stopping would-be basestealers],” catcher A.J. Pierzynski said. “Over the past couple years — especially me in general — we’ve taken a beating for something we never cared about. (The previous coaching staff) just didn’t care about it. They had other things to worry about, and it’s refreshing and it’s nice to know that it’s a high priority and it’s something we’re going to try to do.

A.J. is always looking to stir the pot. I agree with Margalus’ later statement:

From watching the White Sox and then watching other teams .. well, the problem very much starts with Pierzynski. His throws just don’t get there. White Sox pitchers aren’t awesome at holding runners, and sometimes Alexei Ramirez fails to help him with a close call, but Pierzynski’s throws simply take a loftier trajectory compared to other catchers.

I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of improvement in 2012.