Podcast Changing of the Guard

This post refers to macdrifter.com

Macdrifter on podcasts:

Almost all of the Revision3 shows I loved have become so uninteresting that I’ve deleted them from iTunes and Instacast. They just aren’t compelling. Maybe they are made for someone with more generic interests than me.

The Twit network has started to feel desperate. Leo has become the Glenn Beck of podcasting. He whines about disenfranchisement on almost every show. He revels in wild and ridiculous claims. He leans toward faux outrage rather than intellectual discourse. Even MacBreak weekly is regularly uninteresting to a Mac nerd like me. Tech News Today is one of the few still in my regular rotation.

I am not sure I would take things to that extreme, but I am feeling something similar. The Totally Rad Show is the only Revision3 show I still listen to. And similar to Gabe, the only TWiT show I still listen to regularly is Tech News Today. I used to love This Week In Tech but it got long and the stories felt old by the time they covered them. MacBreak Weekly is hanging on by a thread for me, but they spend far too much time talking about rumors, speculation and the business side of Apple.

Now I mostly listen to a bunch of ESPN podcasts, including several on the Grantland network as well as several podcasts from Dan Benjamin’s 5by5, although many of those I listened to before they moved there.