The Sopranos Place In TV History

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Steven Hyden on TV and The Sopranos:

The medium is continually eating itself. There’s a whole generation of acclaimed programs — Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Louie, Justified, Parks and Recreation, Homeland, The Walking Dead, and Community — that weren’t even on when The Sopranos left the air. Everyone who loves TV agrees that The Sopranos is a great, important show. But it’s already part of a different era; the preoccupations with psychiatry, dream sequences, and kids who listen to Slipknot seem a little dated. If recent TV history tells us anything, it’s that The Sopranos will appear even more “late ’90s/early ’00s” as it fades deeper into the past.

It’s so true. Hyden’s piece is a look back the series finale of The Sopranos five years later1, and not just the polarizing finish, but the impact the show had. It’s amazing to be how dated the early seasons look and feel already, and how this great show is probably going to slip off the radar of future generations quickly.

  1. I can’t believe it’s been that long already []