When Will Apple Modify Their Notebook Line?

This post refers to marco.org

Marco Arment:

To placate pro users and buy some time until Intel makes lower-wattage quad-core CPUs, Apple could keep selling the current-style 15” MacBook Pro with fast, hot CPUs and GPUs alongside the 15” Air. In this update, they could quietly discontinue the 13” MacBook Pro since so many people are buying the MacBook Air instead. And then, in a future update, they could quietly discontinue the 15” MacBook Pro, leaving only the 11/13/15” Airs to satisfy most customers and the huge, heavy 17” MacBook Pro for high-end needs.

I think this makes some sense. I definitely think the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be gone sometime this year. I wonder how many 17-inch machines Apple actually sells. I think they will definitely have an 11-inch and 13-inch Air. I wouldn’t be shocked to seem them keep the 15-inch Pro for a while since that is their signature Pro machine at this point. I don’t think they want to make the 17-inch their only truly powerful machine quite yet.