White Sox Ranked Last By Fans In TV Broadcast Popularity

This post refers to chicago.cbslocal.com

Andrew Cieslak retweeted a link to an article ranking baseball announcers.. Unsurprisingly, the White Sox ranked last. My favorite quote:

“The broadcast questions are a bit misleading because Steve Stone is excellent and Hawk Harrelson is not,” one reader suggested. “I am not quite as bothered by Hawk’s problems as others but he can be unbearable to listen to.”

Yep. Stone is amazing. Harrelson is unbearable. I am as big of a Sox fan as there is, but I have lost all patience with Harrelson. He spends way too much time telling stories about guys who haven’t played for 30 years and doesn’t spend enough time providing useful present day insight. Stone makes up for that, but isn’t allowed to shine because of Harrelson.

(via Boers and Bernstein)