I Write This Site For Me

This post refers to 52tiger.net

Dave Caolo:

In turning 52 Tiger into a professional venture, I succumbed to idea that it must focus on a small handful of topics, and avoid a casual tone. The truth is, my interests expand beyond Apple’s products. And I’m a huge dork.


I’ve noticed that I like reading people more than products. Shawn Blanc vs. Mashable, for instance. That’s why I read The Loop, 512 Pixels, Ben Brooks, Daring Fireball and Brett Kelly among others. If  you do, too, here’s hoping you’ll put Dave Caolo on your list.

I have no plans to make this site a professional venture, which is why it’s casual and about things I want to talk about. But I hope people read it because they like reading more, more than looking for specific types of content.