Bobby Petrino’s Skipped Some Amazing Applicants

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Andy Staples:

Arkansas received 159 applications for the Student-Athlete Development Coordinator job Jessica Dorrell got. Had he hired any of the other 158, Petrino could have kept his job. After sifting through the resumes of all the applicants, it’s obvious Petrino could have made a great hire, kept his action on the side and — most importantly — kept his job. Besides, how do you not at least call back the person who sends a cover letter with the following opening sentences?

“My name is Yusef Johnson. After a 14-year career working in NASA’s Mission Control Center, the end of the Shuttle Program is upon us.”

Amazing. It starts to make a lot more sense why Petrino stepped down before this all came out. He had no chance.

(via Darren Rovell)