Cheap SSDs Are Here

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Michael Gorman:

Bargain hunters, your SSD may have just arrived in the form of Intel’s 330 Series SSDs. We got the low down on them weeks ago, but in case you forgot, Intels new 25nm NAND entry utilizes a SATA 6 Gb/s connection to deliver up to 500 MB/s sequential reads and 450 MB/s writes. Such speeds aren’t spectacular compared to other SSDs, but combine them with Chipzilla’s reputation for crafting quality drives, low prices — $89 for 60GB, $149 for 120GB, and $234 for 180GB — and a three year warranty, and the 330 has some serious curb appeal.

That is crazy cheap. I paid more than 3x that for a 120GB SSD a little over 2 years ago. That was a pretty high-end one at the time, but still, these are becoming amazingly affordable for the performance boost you get.