Depositing Checks With Photos Is Definitely Progress

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Marco Arment on depositing checks with apps and photos:

[ATM’s are] much faster and simpler than a photo deposit. (I can also get cash while I’m there. Can’t do that with the iPhone app.)

And then it’s done. The check is out of sight and out of mind. I know that if anything goes wrong, the bank will mail me something about it, although I’ve never had an ATM-deposited check get rejected by the bank later.

Sometimes, new technology is not progress.

I know it’s the nature of the internet, but sometimes I feel like people are dramatic just for the sake of being dramatic. How is this not progress?

Arment has had his own personal issues depositing checks this way, but I have had great success. He also enumerates the steps and talks about how cumbersome it is, but it’s still nowhere near as cumbersome as getting in my car, driving to the bank, hanging out my window and working an ATM.

He also talks about waiting for a check to clear in his account, which also has to happen when you deposit a check in an ATM. Arment has clearly has his own woes, but to say this isn’t progress is ludicrous.

I hardly get any personal checks, but in the couple years I have used this, I have had no problems with funds not showing up, and have same myself countless trips to the bank.