Games That Were Almost Diablo

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My attempt to discuss Diablo III on the podcast didn’t live up to the potential it had. Rowan Kaiser does a nice job of giving a background on Diablo-type games of the last decade.

I really want to be excited about it, but there are a couple of roadblocks. My current MacBook Pro seems to meet the minimum specifications, so it might be able to run the game. But after my experiences with Civilization 5 it might not be very good. So I would definitely have to purchase a new Mac or build a PC.

Second, Diablo is only really fun when playing with friends. Although I do know a few people who are majorly into it, they are likely more hardcore than I am looking to be, and it’s unclear if any of my more casual game-playing friends will get into it.

With SimCity 5 on the horizon as well, I do have motivation to buy a machine that can game, but we shall see.