Lion’s Duplicate Feature Makes Sense

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Pierre Igot:

I do have problems, however, with its implementation in Lion (Mac OS X 10.7). I have already talked about the totally unnecessary (in my view) elimination of the “Save As…” command in Apple applications, including the iWork suite. The “Duplicate” command that replaces it is simply not a good enough replacement, and the change irremediably breaks well-established workflows that cannot be adapted to the new command.

There is probably no Lion feature that takes more of a beating than removing “Save As”. The logic Igot makes (as have others) is basically “This is the way I am used to, don’t screw with it”. But in the same way that the Save icon used to be a floppy disk, changing things to make them more “natural” and obvious isn’t a bad thing.

If you take away the history of peoples’ experience with “Save As”, “Duplicate” might actually make more sense logically. When you are doing “Save As” you are saving a new copy of the file. So is it really that crazy to first duplicate the file and then save the new version and old version separately? Honestly, this seems the more natural way to think of it.

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