My MLB 30 Project

Every year around this time, I make a pledge to watch more baseball. I love baseball. I love the stats. I love the strategy. But even I can only watch so much of it. When the White Sox start to fade, so do I. I will always watch the playoffs, but there is usually a gap in August and September where I have basically stopped watching. In an effort to rectify that, I have decided to embark on a new quest, one which involves watching every team play (on TV) at least once this year.

The White Sox will play every American League team multiple games this season. This will help me see almost all of the American League. I won’t use the Cubs to take the same advantage of the National League. This is mostly because I have no desire to watch the Cubs play more than a couple of times in a season. They will be a good fallback though, if there are National League Teams I miss early on.

I really have no hurry to accomplish this. The baseball season is long and there is plenty of time to see all 30 teams. Even the bad ones will pop up on ESPN or Fox at some point. And thanks to DVRs, I can condense the games and move through them faster.

Is there any real point to this? No. It’s not like I am not watching something else instead. I wouldn’t otherwise be spending this time reading or cleaning I am sure. But perhaps if it all goes right I can get some people in the action. I plan on tweeting when I am going to be watching a game. I will use the hashtag #mlb30. I will try to tweet a day or two ahead of time when I plan to be watching a game. So if you are free and bored, join and tweet about the game. I will also post sporadic updates about my progress.

I realize how silly this all probably sounds, but who are we without our idiosyncrasies?