NCAA Football 13 Passing Game Improvements

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The first look at gameplay improvements comes from the latest episode of GTTV. It’s a fairly short segment but throws out a good deal of new info on the passing game. There will be a number of additional pass trajectories, new QB drop-backs, improved throwing on the run, pass icons are dim until receivers are prepared for the ball, and the practically annual claim of there being no more in the way of psychic defensive backs is made.

There is a video embedded at that page that has some actual shots of things.

I am still unclear how the whole “dim icons until receivers” are prepared is supposed to work. While there is some logic to this being “realistic”, there are plenty of timing routes in football where a receiver turns at the last second and the ball should be there. How will this factor in?

NCAA Football 13 is just 3 months away at this point, and the features that have been demoed are less than revolutionary. I fact, it seems like they are continuing to address long staying issues a few at a time instead of making wholesale improvements.