Nothing Wrong With NBA Age Limit

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While the NFL requires players to be three years removed from high school to be draft-eligible, the MLB & NHL allow high school kids to be drafted in their amateur drafts.

I can’t speak for hockey, but baseball has several layers of minor leagues. High school players rarely come right to the majors and most probably spend at least one full season in the minors. This means they aren’t thrust right into the action and had some time to develop.

After Garnett (1995 draft), there have been 38 players who went straight from high school to the pros (source: Wiki). Out of those 38, eight of them have made an All-Star Game […] Of the remaining 30, there have been some solid players […] Some may think others on the list are solid contributors, too. If you’re just to use the list of people I mentioned, that’s 15 of 38 legitimate pros that went from prep-to-pro. Not a bad ratio if you ask me.

Not a bad ratio, but how many of those guys took a long time to develop? And how many would have been much better sooner if they had a year or two of college?

If you make a kid who knows he will be a professional basketball player in one year go to school against his will, do you really think he’s gives a rat’s ass about his scholarly experience?

Well I doubt that most of the guys who are hell bent on being one and done would stick around, at least they have the chance to. Harrison Barnes came back for a 2nd year. Sometimes these guys might find out that they needed more seasoning and it helps them in the long run. Maybe they find out they aren’t as good as they thought and they can at least get some education.

I just don’t see how this rule is hurting anyone? It gives these guys a fallback option. Look at Rivals 2009 Recruit Rankings, after the top 4, there isn’t a lot of NBA names on this list. How many of those guys would have skipped college and possibly be out of the league by now?