Paul Konerko: Consistent, Not Special

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David Schoenfield:

While Konerko has consistently put up good home run and RBI totals, his OBP has fluctuated from as low as .305 in 2003 while generally hovering around .350. He’s reached a .375 OBP just four times. Compare that total to some of his contemporaries: Todd Helton (11), Jeff Bagwell (11), John Olerud (9), Jim Thome (8, not including DH years), Fred McGriff (8), Jason Giambi (7), Carlos Delgado (7), Rafael Palmeiro (7).

Interesting analysis of why Paul Konerko’s career Wins Above Replacement (WAR) number isn’t higher. I thought It’s not surprising to me that Konerko’s total isn’t higher. He is consistent but not world beating. You can say this though, he is a mortal lock to have his number retired along with Mark Buehrle sometime in the 2020s.