The Clippers Are Not There Yet

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Bill Simmons’ on the LA Clippers:

Dirty little secret: This isn’t a very good Clippers team. Randy Foye, Caron Butler, Kenyon Martin, Mo Williams, Eric Bledsoe … those are all spare parts. Backups, basically. DeAndre Jordan just isn’t getting better; he’s an emphatic dunker and weakside shot blocker, that’s it.9 Blake Griffin plays his Kia-driving butt off, puts up 23-11’s every night on pure athleticism, takes an unfathomable pounding, keeps coming and coming … only he’s an unpolished gem, someone who’s never been coached, hasn’t played enough games, doesn’t know what he’s doing defensively and struggles in the half-court game (especially against good teams). The Clippers look better on paper than in real life…

I think everyone just assumed that Chris Paul would re-sign with the Clippers, but I don’t think they are growing like people thought they would. I still have my suspicions that Paul and Dwight Howard will try to hook up next summer, if the Clippers don’t get better by then, I think it’s definitely more likely.