The iPad is Closing in on Replacing PCs

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Andy Ihnatko on the iPad instead of a computer:

No, I no longer wish I had an 11in Air. What I have here – a third-generation iPad and an Apple Wireless Keyboard – is better. I have better-than-good native iOS apps to handle almost all of my mobile needs. When only a desktop app will do, I have VNC, and/or the wonderful OnLive Desktop service that allows me to run Microsoft Office on a virtualised Windows 7 server.

My recent misfortune that resulted in the untimely death of my MacBook Air has caused me to use my iPad a lot more frequently. It is definitely not as easy or convenient, but it’s doable, and getting better. I said a year ago that the the iPad (or similar) would be the most commonly used device type in 5 years. We are definitely moving there in a hurry.

(via Ben Brooks)