Unlimited Vacation Not As Cool As It Sounds

This post refers to fastcompany.com

Lydia Dishman on unlimited vacation:

Mahoney agrees. Unlimited vacation fosters productivity and loyalty because it favors results over input. “We don’t judge employees based on the number of lines of code they write, but instead on the impact their innovative ideas have on our users,” he says. “If we trust employees to make the right decisions with the time they spend at work in pursuit of our aggressive goals, we can trust them to make responsible decisions about when they choose to take time off of work.”

The trend of “unlimited” vacation is catching on. But it’s not as rosy as it sounds. Most of the companies that offer it work their people to the bone already, and so even when there is enough of a lull in work to take time off, it likely doesn’t make up for all the late nights and weekends put in.

But I am sure it’s great for weeding out people. Because those that abuse it are probably not the people you want around.

(via Lifehacker)