When I Pick the Free Version of an App

This post refers to marco.org

Marco Arment on users not buying apps:

It’s a very common user mindset: they tolerate a lot of limitations, ads, and nags to avoid paying. It’s not that they’re cheap, per se: they just really don’t believe that apps are worth paying for, and they feel cheated or defeated if they end up needing to pay for one.

I tend to go towards free versions, not because I am cheap though, more paranoid than anything. If an app isn’t recommended to me by someone, meaning I just found it on by own, the first thing I look at is when and how often has the app been updated. If the app isn’t from an established developer and hasn’t been update frequently or recently, I generally pause.

I take the free option when I am worried the paid option is a bad investment. I don’t feel that way about Instapaper1, but that’s my logic.

  1. Arment’s app []