Did the Bulls Window to Win Just Close?

ESPN Chicago:

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose will be out approximately eight to 12 months after undergoing surgery to repair his left ACL, said Dr. Brian Cole, who performed the surgery on Saturday.

Ouch. Not a terrible surprise, but that’s still a long time. As the article reminds us, Rose is only 23, and even if he loses a bit of explosiveness, he could still be a good player.

Looking at Hoops Hype, and trying to read the tea leaves, it get’s interesting looking at the Bulls window to win. Ignoring the 2012-13 season, role players Korver and Brewer come off the books before the start of 2013-14. Watson will probably be gone and there is a team option for Hamilton. It’s also Deng’s last year, and he may be too expensive for them to keep. Boozer will have two years left, and Noah will have three. Gibson will be a restricted free agent then as well. That means that starting in 2013-14 the team will include Rose-Boozer-Deng-Noah-Jimmy Butler, probably Rip Hamilton (team option) and maybe Taj Gibson (restricted free agent).

The Bulls will not have the cap space to sign anyone big anytime soon, and the assumption would have to be that Boozer and Noah are untradeable. The insane idea would be to amnesty Boozer, and try to get Dwight Howard. If not, they will have to get lucky in the draft or find someone on the scrap heap. Losing Rose for this playoffs and next season might have closed the short term window for the Bulls to win.