Kickstarter Hides Failure

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Ben Brooks on Kickstarter:

It’s going to take a major failure for a change to be made. Imagine if the runaway success project for the Pebble watch fails to ever see the light of day. Kickstarter can rebound from that, but they need to have much better communication than they currently have with backers. Right now all I ever hear from Kickstarter is what new projects they think I should back.

A project like Pebble probably won’t “fail” like most Kickstarter projects do. First off, most “failed” projects are ones that fail to get enough funding to move forward. The ones that get enough funding but fail because the product never comes out are probably almost always projects that are close to funding goal, not things like Pebble where they beat it by a factor of 10. So it’s unlikely this trend changes anytime soon.