MLB Should Give Up On “Rivalry” Interleague Series

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Jayson Stark on the new MLB inter league schedule:

So where would the other four games come from? From “rivalries.” Where else? Each team will almost certainly play four “rivalry” games per season, down from the current six. But those would be the only interleague matchups that teams in the same division wouldn’t have in common. Again, it isn’t perfect. But it’s an upgrade over the current absurdity.

I wonder how most fans feel about these “rivalry” games now. As a White Sox fan, the novelty has kind of worn off of playing the Cubs. I wouldn’t care if it was something that just happened once every three years (when the rotation came up). It would make it far more intriguing I think. I know the teams would never go for it because it fills seats, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.