NFL Players Choose Not To Have Guaranteed Contracts

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Mike Freeman:

If you want to understand why NFL players never, ever trust management or why they hold out, look at the Forte case. If you really want to know why the union constantly fights management, look at Forte. If you want to understand why NFL players not receiving guaranteed contracts is practically criminal, again, Forte.

Criminal? Really? Here’s the problem I have with stuff like this, the NFL players have a union. They negotiate the terms of their CBA. If they want guaranteed contracts they can have them. Joe Schmoe who works for Company Echo can’t just demand things like this. If the NFLPA wants guaranteed contracts they should make that a priority. Otherwise, don’t blame the system.

Does it suck for Matt Forte? Yeah, I suppose, relative to other professional athletes I guess. But the factory workers who work within a hair of legally acceptable bounds can’t do anything about it.

(via Sarah Spain)