Even Paid Services Have Caveats

This post refers to brooksreview.net

Ben Brooks talking about free services:

Therefore, as a user, you need to be OK with the changes that may come, well before those changes occur, because the ramifications of those changes may be significant. You may be forced to pay, or the changes may be such that you no longer want to use the service at all — wishing you had never invested time into learning the service and integrating it into your life.

This specific paragraph doesn’t specifically say ‘free’, but that is the them of his article, so I assume that is all he is referring to. I agree mostly with what Brooks says about essentially, waiting for the other shoe to drop with free services.

But one thing that hit me with with the quoted part above, that applies with any paid service as well. Take Netflix, which totally switched their plans and pricing about a year ago, much to the chagrins of their existing users. When you buy a product, for the most part it is what it is. When you buy a service, and count on it for certain things, you always have to be weary of any sort of changes that could come later.