Supply and Demand Makes Charging For Online Content Hard

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Ben Brooks:

However, when you stop to think about it, is it that I am being greedy for asking you to support my content — my writing — or is it that society has condition web users to be greedy by asking — no demanding — that content on the web be free for all?

The web is such a different animal than we have anywhere else. While anyone can make a magazine or newspaper, mass distribution and exposure takes money and resources. On the web though, anyone can have a blog in five minutes. And the incremental cost per reader is virtually nil.

Supply and demand is a basic concept, and supply on the web is plentiful. You can call it a “race to the bottom” if you want, but there are so many places to get news and opinions, that most people won’t pay, they will just go elsewhere. This would happen in any industry where there were so many free options.

I suspect that someone will eventually figure this out, in the meantime, we have to admit that the web is different.