The Decline and Fall of Draw Something

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Dashiell Bennett:

Two weeks ago, Business Insider checked in on the number of people still playing Draw Something and noticed a disturbing downward trend. Way downward. As of May 1, it’s gotten even worse, with the average number of users per day is now below where it was when Zynga acquired the game. (It’s currently around 10 million, down from a peak of close to 15 million.) Monthly users — those causal gamers who play occasionally, but not fanatically — had been pretty steady, but now even that number is starting to drop. It’s clear that fewer people are drawing things and doing it less often. Like most one-hit wonders, fans got bored and moved on.

I know that at least some people bailed out of principle when Zynga bought it, and another bunch left for the same reason when the CEO let loose on a (former) employee. Most people got bored with the repetitive words and other flaws in the game. There isn’t a lot of depth to this game, and it requires another person, so it’s not crazy that it died.

(via Ben Brooks)