The Future of Sports Video Games

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PastaPadre had the news that 2K Sports will not continue to make a baseball game, and now what that could mean:

The continual struggles with rising development costs, expensive licenses, and even dealing with related lawsuits have led many copmanies [sic] to shy away from sports while those who had been established have dropped a good number of their properties. As written about before fans of the NBA 2K series absolutely should be concerned about its future even as it seems untouchable now. Any stumbles and Take Two could look to get out of sports completely. If that series holds its ground then it’ll be NBA Live that fades out for good in a couple years.

This is unnerving. EA isn’t giving up Madden anytime soon, but everything else is up for grabs. College football could be in trouble if these former athletes win the court battle over royalties. College basketball games are no more. Sports games are expensive because of the licensing fees, and the yearly release cycle makes them very difficult to make. I really hope this works out.