Apple Held To Double Standard Regarding Legacy Devices

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I just know there are a lot of people out there with the iPhone 4 that think all this cool stuff will work on their phone when in actuality it won’t. Apple didn’t really do a good job of conveying that fact during their keynote earlier this week. Sure, the blogs around the net have all that information posted if anyone’s looking, but not everyone scours the internet in search of random Apple news all the time like we do. I just hope that people realize that when they buy an iPhone they’re only going to get 2 years out of it before it no longer works with the cool new things that Apple has in store.

Here is a situation where Apple is held to a double standard. They are going to cut out some features for a phone that will be over 2 years old, and this is big deal. Android users can’t get the newest OS 6 months after it comes out.

While I would like to see Apple keep support longer (especially for the iPad where the hardware changes aren’t as drastic), it’s not ridiculous. The phone still works, and it usually takes two versions before developers stop supporting it, so users have time.