Charging For What Was Once Free Is A Bad Move

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Brian from mgoblog:

Cover It Live has decided to charge out the nose for use of its product. Running Signing Day liveblog alone would now cost $300. It would have cost the site almost a thousand dollars last November. All this for a moderated chat system. This is clearly not a good use of funds, so I’ll be looking for alternatives. Let me know if you know of any.

I thought this was interesting because mgoblog is not a tech blog, it’s about sports. And many people in the tech world have been recently lamenting the fact that free services can’t survive, and when free services start charging it’s even worse.

Now while I agree that Cover It Live’s fees seem very high, it doesn’t change the fact that this service used to be free, and now isn’t. If they had charged fees from the beginning, even if it was $5 a use, they could have incrementally increased the price over time. Instead they went from nothing, to crazyness and there is all kinds of backlash.