Maureen Ryan On Mad Men’s Disappointing Season

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The always great Maureen Ryan on Mad Men:

On top of that, there were a lot of dropped storylines, missed opportunities and depressing developments this year. Aside from the smallish arc that depicted the depressing machinations that got the company the Jaguar account and Lane’s rather contrived check-fraud scheme, there also wasn’t much tension or forward momentum to help drive the season forward, and though it was a brave and understandable choice to not make Don Draper and his demons the center of a season-long arc, as I wrote here, the season of not wanting, not getting or being bored with what they had soon reached a point of diminishing returns.

I said on this week’s podcast that I was not impressed with the season and considered it the show’s worst to this point. Ryan’s entire article hit home with me, including her list of things she wanted to see more of.

We mentioned the opening episode focusing on a the Civil Rights Movement, and then very little mention of it after. I forgot to bring up the whole Ginsburg plot though. Between his father and his comment about “being an alien” went nowhere.