Military Veteran Puts Sports Into Perspective

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Ted Glover of Off Tackle Empire:

It was important to win The Game, but sports, almost as much as a phone call or letter from a loved one, connected me to home in a way that is more powerful than I can put into words. Everyone who deploys in a war zone and gets shot at has that ‘why the fuck am I doing this?’ epiphany at some point, or I’d like to at least I think they do. And I’d had that moment in relation to my family long ago. Don’t get me wrong, sports is really secondary in my list of priorities compared to missing countless birthdays, anniversaries, recitals and holidays, but I never really saw the macro world view of ‘why’ until I was watching a football game. Over 100,000 people were cheering, safe and secure, with the chance of harm coming to them by a foreign enemy almost zero.

Simply amazing article. Thanks to Ted for his service to our country.