So Far Bryce Harper Is Living Up To The Ridiculous Hype

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Rany Jazayerli:

After going 3-for-4 with a walk Monday night, Harper is batting .295/.381/.527. He isn’t simply holding his own — he’s dominating. Among players with at least 160 plate appearances, Harper ranks 12th in the NL with a .908 OPS.


His fellow teenage debutants don’t come close to replicating his performance. As a 19-year-old rookie, [Adrian] Beltre hit .215/.278/.369. [Andruw] Jones hit .217/.265/.443 when he was called up in 1996. [Alex] Rodriguez debuted in the majors while he was still 18, but he was clearly overmatched and hit .204/.241/.204 before he was sent back to the minors. The following year, A-Rod played sparingly and batted .232/.264/.408.

I haven’t seen Harper play yet (my sports time has been consumed by the NBA Finals), but I had no idea he was playing this well. We could be on the cusp of something real special, especially when you consider the company he is currently in.