Summarizing Mad Men Season 5

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Samantha Zalaznick:

My problem with the end of this season is that Lane’s suicide as the main event is so anticlimactic. We’ve been bombarded with symbols and images of death, dream-murders, sniper shootings, car crashes and empty elevator shafts and Lane’s hanging himself just didn’t feel significant enough to be the big payoff. Since the silly lost wallet in the season premiere, Lane’s storylines have been tangential and out of sync with the rest of the characters. He became expendable. If they wanted his death to be a big deal, they could’ve at least given him an interesting arc to make it feel like a more significant loss.


But all that said, I still thought it was a great season. Maybe not its best, but still great, with moments of brilliance. The acid episode, Peggy quitting, Don and Joan’s bar scene, Don and Peggy’s movie scene – these all go into the Mad Men hall of fame.

Those two paragraphs do a great job of summarizing my feelings on season 5. The season had some great moments, but also some lame ones. And the stuff in the middle was closer to bad than great. Lane disappeared for like 4 episodes then came back and had the biggest moment of the season. Just didn’t flow right for me.