Terrell Owens’ Downward Spiral

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Michael J. Mooney on Terrell Owens:

But now that he’s been relegated to the lowest rung of professional football, with no team in the NFL even interested in watching him work out, Owens hasn’t been so loquacious. He made an appearance on Dr. Phil with three of the four mothers of his kids to explain why he hasn’t been paying child support (he’s broke), and why he hasn’t even seen some of his children (it’s complicated). And he’s done a few brief radio interviews. But he hasn’t wanted to talk much about playing in the Indoor Football League.

I don’t wish bad for (almost) anyone. But it’s hard to have sympathy for T.O. He mad a crapload of money, that he was apparently screwed out of by his financial advisor. But it’s not as if he ever seemed empathetic or self-aware. And let’s be honest, he is the kind of guy who always seemed like he needed to be taken down a peg.

All that said, I hope he turns it around.