What Should the Bulls Do With Taj Gibson?

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Locker Smash:

When you look at some of the numbers, they do justify at least giving Gibson more minutes, if not starting him altogether. With Gibson on the court this regular season (the numbers were pretty ugly for both guys in the playoffs), the Bulls posted a 103.7 offensive rating and a 88.6 defensive rating. That’s a whopping net rating of 15.1. With Boozer on the court this season, the Bulls had an offensive rating of 104.7 and a defensive rating of 98.9. That’s a net rating of just 5.8.

I am one of those people that think Gibson has been great, but I don’t know that if he is expected to play 35 minutes a game as a starter if he can be good enough or not. I didn’t realize he was already 27 (although I did know when he was a rookie he was a bit older) which gives me a bit of pause, but I hope they keep him around.

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