White Sox Not Good At PR

This post refers to chicagotribune.com

White Sox GM Kenny Williams has indicated that the White Sox can’t/won’t add player before the trade deadline if fans don’t start filling seats. The Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh asks:

How many restaurateurs vow to improve the food only when the dining room is busier?

Well put. As of this past weekend the White Sox had about the 7th or 8th best record in the AL (out of 14 teams). According to this Fan Cost Index Report they have the 5th highest cost amongst teams in the AL. Also, the basic laws of supply and demand should probably factor in here. Ticket prices never come down, but they should resist raising them when they continually can’t fill the park.

Did I also mention how much of a slap in the face this is to season ticket holders, who committed to a full season worth of games with a team they assumed would be trying to compete? Nice PR here.