Why HBO Is Not Changing Their Ways

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Jill Pantozzi:

We’ve discussed piracy, specifically in terms of Game of Thrones, on The Mary Sue before and I’m pretty vocal about it personally. I think it’s wrong. End of story. I think people make all sorts of justifications to themselves about why doing something blatantly illegal is ok but to me, it’s not. It doesn’t matter how much money X,Y, or Z company has, you are still stealing from them and the creators of said product. Yes, we all want what we want, when we want it, but the bottom line is, entertainment is not a basic human need. I can argue for you stealing food if you’re starving, I can’t argue for you stealing an episode of television because you wanted it before you saw spoilers online. I’m not undervaluing the impact entertainment has on our lives, I’m just pointing out that it’s not a necessity for you to live. And yes, I completely understand people would love for an alternate, legal way to get the content they want (and get it fast) but the alternative to that not existing should not be to steal it.


People think that just because HBO hasn’t utilized what most see as a win-win solution, that they are just being stubborn or are stuck in the dark ages but that’s not necessarily true. What most people ignore is the current infrastructure of networks like HBO and Showtime mentioned above. And that, like pretty much every other entertainment provider out there, HBO doesn’t want to be the cause of more people canceling their cable subscriptions and screwing over the cable companies who have helped them stay afloat this long.

This is exactly the article I was going to write this week, so I am glad I don’t have to. The 2nd point is important because, most people don’t realize, HBO is owned by Time Warner, who owns a big cable provider.

Seriously, this article is just perfect. It combats the two big topics around this issue. First, it re-iterates that pirating this stuff is not OK. Second, it discusses why HBO doesn’t/won’t do this anytime soon. HBO is making tons of money. Their subscriber base is just fine. Will that be true in 5 years? Maybe not. But there is no reason they should change right now because a vocal minority is cheap.

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