A Ridiculous Argument Against More Replay in MLB

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Anna McDonald:

Joe Torre hinted at this mind-set when he said, “The game isn’t perfect. For all of us that want everything to be right all the time, that’s not going to be the case, no matter how much replay you’re going to see. I don’t know why we want everything to be perfect. Life isn’t perfect. I think this is a game of life, myself.”

Even though this is not a popular opinion, Torre is right. Our culture today wants everything to be right all the time but sometimes perfection is found in overcoming mistakes. Think back to backyard baseball games as a kid. There are lessons to be learned in arguing over if your friend stepped on the Frisbee used as the first-base bag or not. Lessons of arrogance and humbleness, of moving on or going home in the face of frustration.

I don’t know anything about Anna McDonald, but this is insane logic. The argument is that “life isn’t perfect?” What is this, kindergarten kickball? The comparison to backyard baseball is ridiculous. They guys are played millions of dollars. Fans pay $100 a ticket. Shouldn’t the outcome be based exclusively on the players on the field and not human error? Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.