A Smaller iPad Is Not a Bad Idea

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John Gruber:

This iPad Mini stuff has me thinking the same thoughts. Me, I’m an 11-inch MacBook Air man. But I’ll admit it feels a bit silly to pack a bag with both an 11-inch Air and an iPad. Two devices of nearly the same size. But, when traveling, I really do wind up using both of them. (Insert the argument for the Microsoft Surface here.) And I never go anywhere without my iPhone.

So if I’m going to pack an 11-inch Air and an iPhone, and one more device, I can definitely see the case that a smaller tablet makes more sense as the device in the middle.

I think this makes total sense. I wish the iPad was just a little bit smaller. The screen size is great, but in reality I wish the device was a bit smaller because it’s just too similar to an 11 inch MacBook Air.