A Smaller iPad Would Be Awesome

This post refers to techcrunch.com

MG Siegler:

For me, the key is the size. Again, I was skeptical at first, but for many situations, I’ve come to love the 7-inch frame. The iPad is brilliant when you’re sitting on a couch or camped out in a coffee shop. In my view, the 9.7-inch iPad is slowly but surely becoming a laptop replacement. I expect this to continue. But a 7-inch tablet is different. The iPad is clunky to read in bed, for example. The Nexus 7 is perfect for that.

This is so well said. I love the iPad but it’s too big to really be totally mobile and I use it more as a lighter laptop than anything. I would really love something in between the Kindle and the iPad. Maybe a 7 inch device would fill this void. I think a 7 inch device is going to be very popular.