Apple’s Podcast App A Major Letdown

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Katie Floyd on Apple’s new Podcast app:

Sadly, after a week of using the Podcast App it’s been banished from my iPhone. While some would say the App was a good initial effort by Apple, there were major problems right out of the gate that made it a non-starter. For one, it did not have the ability to automatically download new podcast episodes in the background. What good is a subscription to a podcast and setting for “automatic downloads” if I have to launch the App to trigger them? That doesn’t sound very “automatic” to me. Secondly, playback position of podcasts played within the App didn’t sync to iTunes. Are you freaking kidding me?

Sometimes Apple just makes no sense to me. Why bother writing a separate app if it’s going to be so basic. It seemed like Apple used to rip off features from other places and make them better, nowadays it seems like just copy a couple of main features but then give less than full effort on them.